Fireplace Inspection & Repair

We Know Chimneys

Most important of all in professional chimney inspection is the learned skill of each inspector to correctly evaluate & communicate, with absolute integrity, to all parties, the importance of what is found.

Fireplace video scan inspections start at $250

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  1. Camera inspection the flue and smoke chamber with the latest state of the art camera equipment.

  2. Visually inspecting the firebox, throat, damper and smoke chamber.

  3. Visually inspecting the facing, hearths and all attached components.

  4. Visually inspecting the foundation and hearth support.

  5. Visually inspecting the chimney where it passes through the attic.

  6. Visually inspecting the chimney at the roof intersection, this includes a thorough look at the flashing and surrounding roof.

  7. Visually inspecting the chimney as it protrudes above the roofline.

  8. Conducting a push test. This is critically important, and requires real experience and knowledge as to how to correctly evaluate the results.

  9. Visually inspecting the flue with a powerful light.

  10. Visually inspecting the crown and the attachments.

  11. Following up on any part of the above that indicates a potential problem. This includes more testing and closer examinations.

  12. On-the-spot reports of facts and solutions complete with repair costs, designed to give both laymen and professionals sufficient information to make the required decisions easily and with confidence.

The purpose of any inspection is to clarify the condition of each chimney as to SAFETY, FUNCTION and Standards and/or COMPLIANCE.

At Master Specs LLC, we believe in service. As a Certified ASHI and NAHI inspector with more than 12,000 inspections we offer solutions to any problems found.