San Diego Swimming Pool and Spa Leak Detection Services

Swimming pools and spa tub leaks occur weather they are old or new pools or spa's usually due to age and or faulty underground plumbing lines. This occurs when the copper deteriorates and or the plastic water lines crack due to ground settlement. Locating these types of underground leaks take time which need to be evaluated properly by a trained professional.


In the unfortunate event that you experience a leak, it can be critical to both your budget and long-term property value that you call the right company to do the job. Don't risk property damage or excessive charges that result from calling the wrong company.

Inspection Costs

Swimming pool inspection start at $375.00, spa tubs and all other water features $75.00

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Master Spec Pool and Spa leak detection services in san diego

Water Loss Measure in Minutes.

The Swimming Pool Leakalyzer enables rapid determination of a pool's water loss. Using sensitive electronic sensors and proprietary filtering methods it measures water level changes to the 10,000th of an inch. Leaks or excessive evaporation of as little as 1/8" of an inch per day can be identified in 5 minutes.

Leakalyzer inspection cost: $375.00