Sewer Camera Inspection

Drains and pipes of all kinds usually get clogged up eventually. They also deteriorate over time and require maintenance eventually. Any industry that waits until this happens is not staying ahead of the game, and is therefore not keeping an eye on efficient working practices. This is why regular drain and sewer camera inspection routines are not only necessary, but essential in order to maintain safe, consistent and continued operations.

Closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras are used for pipe inspection work. The technology is now so good that the pictures obtained of the inside of waste pipes and or drain lines are clear enough to easily identify any hairline cracks, separate of pipes, root balls and damage, or even any potential future damage, in the interior part of the pipe. Any build up of debris or dirt can also clearly be seen to allow the right approach of cleaning to take place later.

Surveying waste lines work in this way can save company money by letting them have firsthand knowledge of the condition of every inch of their drains and sewers. It can eliminate or at least minimize the kind of nasty surprise that usually accompanies an unexpected breakdown.

It isn't just large bore drains and sewers that pipe inspection work can be carried out on either. Mini explosion proof camera systems have been developed that can allow a remote camera to travel within a pipe of just one inch or 25 millimeters internal diameter. Pipes going all the way up to 24 inches or 600 millimeters in diameter can also be inspected using larger camera systems.

There is a limit to the length of travel that a system can cope with. This is usually around the 300 meter mark from the point of pipe entry. However, during that 300 meter run there is a lot of useful work that a pipe inspection camera system can do. And a new entry point can be established following the first run to allow very long lengths of drain and sewer pipes to be inspected.

The camera systems are not generally mindless robots. The more advanced systems can provide clear, sharp full color pictures in very high resolution. They can also pan and tilt to give close up pictures of any particular detail, providing a full 360 degree horizontal vision capability.

Most of the modern state of the art pipe inspection camera systems are explosion proof. Gas can build up inside pipe work, and the camera system is powered by electricity. Should a spark initiate an explosion, the equipment should survive it and be able to continue to relay a valuable record of what is going on.

Drain and sewer camera inspection work has never been easier, thanks to modern technology. Now there is hardly a pipe or drain that cannot be examined internally to save a company time and money from unexpected breakdowns.

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